Today @ V for Vintage Green Edition

v for vintage green edition cosmic audrey

v for vintage green edition cosmic audrey

Just two of the photos we took today at V for Vintage near Sala Dalles. My outfit was nothing green-ish, but the classic leather blazer paired with the mini skirt – my latest aquisition from ZARA kids (yep, they have super awesome stuff for the little ones over there, and lucky me, I can fit in a 14 year old’s clothes) and the thigh high booties. More pics are to come tommorow, also on hypestreet and petocuri.

Tommorow I’m also starting the great deal of a fashion design course which Adrian Oianu is teaching for the 4th time and I’m kind of..well, happy and nervous, like first day of school. I have to go now, dinner’s in the oven. I leave you with

photos by David  ♥




  1. Ioana Liliana Gheorghe

    You were simply lovely! And I need a pair of boots like this asap hihi. Ah si am realizat c-am uitat sa-ti zic ce aparat folosesc. Alternez intre Nikon D300 s si Canon DSC IXUS 100 IS. Clar o diferenta mare intre ele, in primul rand de clasa, insa fiecare este bun pentru diferite lucruri. Si in plus, cu toate ca as vrea sa-mi pot luat Nikon-ul peste tot, Canonul mic este in unele cazuri mai practic.


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