V for Vintage (part II)

Here I am, back with photos from last Sunday at V for Vintage, as I promised. The fair was pretty ok, I liked what I saw, mostly such great promotion for Molecule F, which I totally dig. There where not so many shoppers though, perhaps it’s not a bright season for high maintenance with fashion, ’cause people actually got out of their beds and came to Sala Dalles but, as I hear, they didn’t buy that much. Oh well, maybe the weeks before Christmas will be better, or, at least, we’ll have spring.

lady magpie v for vintageLady Magpie

Lovely brooches from Dulapul Bunicii

v for vintage green edition

v for vintage molecule f

Maria Filipescu and her brilliant jewelry

and some street styleness

ana maria tehanciuc v for vintage

Ana Maria from dacapostyle

isabela v la chatterie cosmic audrey ioana cristina v for vintage

me and Isabelle from La Chatterie

v for vintagea little lovely girl in knit and fall boots

Ana, student, dressed from many vintage fairs

 v for vintage

Irina, www.vintaggeria.blogspot.com


Also, yesterday I started the fashion design course with Mr. Adrian Oianu and I, well, enjoyed it, a lot. We’ve had two classes, one Fashion History, the other Art History, both quite enticing, and now I’m super busy with so much to document, from everything Chanel, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga and Dior to Brancusi and Enescu. Tommorow is my third class, I’m tired but happy; I’m gonna retire now to finish tommorow’s work. ♥

all photos by David


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