Facebook rant

1. Sitting at your PC discussing Facebook shit via Facebook messenger with a friend you met online is totally IN (and you shouldn’t even feel awakward that you don’t have a real life anymore –  who needs people anyway BASTERDS?!)

2. People have become outrageously shy, and I swear to God it’s only YM and Facebook’s fault.  It’s like sixteen years ago you were just sitting in the school courtyard chatting to your girl mates or smiling at him hoping to get his attenting while now you’re ass stuck in your bedroom reblogging at least 150 weheartit pictures a day and growing an inner dementia driven by that “omg should i poke him? should i like his pic? should i make better profile pictures?”. YO! Do you have any idea how fucked up that is, btw?

3. Nobody’s ugly via Facebook! It’s super puff perfection all over the place, like Photoshop dropped its jaw and let everyone in. NOBODY will post a real picture, unless they look like  an airbrushed supermod or they don’t CARE – which totally means they’re on Facebook for no plausible, normal, mainstream reason – case closed.

4. Everybody strikes a pose. In every picture, I swear, you’re gonna see the same damn pose, it’s like someone played your face on repeat for a few years now!

5. Getting in touch with all the douchebags in junior high is awesome and the best part is that they can see your crazy rant about them via Facebook through this post!

I haven’t seen The Social Network yet but I’ll get by.

ps. I was inspired by imboycrazy on this and I don’t mean to copy (which is pretty obvious since the content is fully original), I just tried to figure if I can put up with  sorts of short writing other than the one I’m used to.


pic weheartit



  1. Alice&Sara

    :))))hahaha, totally, so to say:) I mean it’s like you don’t even exist anymore if you don’t have at least one facebook stalker. The one thing I don’t get (…yet:)))))) is facebook romance, maybe because I kind of have a business oriented profile page!:)

  2. Cosmic Audrey

    Oh, facebook romance is nothing like real life romance..only MORE dramatic :-)) (and incomparable to Tumblr or Weheartit.com romances, which are very sniffy-sad’n’cute-girly kind of romances 😛 ) It’s a crazy world..

  3. elle m

    nobody’s ugly via facebook… haha well you can’t expect others to just post their worst photos with puffy eyes or silly expressions 😀 ..i think you can blame magazines for this part 🙂
    i agree with the rest though..and girls do strike a lot of poses and try to make their lips look bigger (duck lips eww)

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