The reindeer and the fat cat

My lovely readers,

we ran from the city all the way to Sinaia. I haven’t been there since my 8th anniversary so I barely remember anything, literally. I would move there in a minute though. Great food, great panorama, great clean air, great castles, history, non smoking locals, all spoiled by creepy romanian tourists setting up the grill and driving a Hummer wherever they can, eventually wearing a totally gruesome filthy t-shirt haha. Enough with my rant though, here’s the landscape and some beautiful “scoruş” tree with which I’d totally make a digi print maxi dress. LOVE


I’m wearing my Zara striped dress worn as sweater, a striped marine tee, 1969 jeans from GAP and a zipper scarf from Stradivarius. The reindeer and fat cat are locals. I’m off to (finally) watch The social network, bisous!



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