Let the right one in

1. Facebook romance is nothing like real life romance..only MORE dramatic (and totally incomparable to Tumblr or Weheartit.com romances, which are very sniffy-sad’n’cute-girly kind of romances). So don’t fucking complain if it’s complicated!

2. Stop being so desperate about not fitting into your super skinny sized jeans from last year, you jerk! There are people out there who can’t fit in their underwear.

3. Whiny songs like 22 of Lily Allen should be totally banned for making 23 year olds feel like crap facing their new anniversary.

4. Never underestimate yourself.  If a guy won’t sleep with you then there’s nothing wrong with yourself. He’s just NOT that into you. Period.

5. Thinking about finding the right one is exhausting. Not only that life is SO short anyway, but we ALSO need to struggle to seek, compare, acknowledge and suffer in order to find A PERSON that MIGHT, just MIGHT meet and return our expectations via long term. Jumping from a date to a relationship to another only cuts more and more of the time we get to actually spend with someone potentially worthy. So if you let the right one in at 40 and then die at 50 that only leaves you ten years to manage. I’m having a headache.

pic weheartit.com


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