Modern words of wisdom # 4

1. Independently from her (two, famous) husbands, Jane Birkin is still the sexiest thing that came out of the ’60s and still perpetuates, through such creatures she left behind as Charlotte Gainsbourg and younger Lou Doillon. No kidding!

2. Mind your own life, closet, relationship and sexual activity, you skank! ‘Cause that’s why they’re called your own.

3. Yeah sure, they say the vagina is your most empowering asset. Just don’t wave it around me, you c*nt!

4. It’s totally OK to fancy a dude even though he’s already dating/seeing/engaged/screwing someone else. That, if you’re a super masochist/emotional cutter/complete loser. YO! He’s never gonna switch from her to you, and even if he does, that only proves you’re next on line to get switched for another.

5. Never walk out in Uggs, loose grey pijama pants and zero make-up. Not even to the grocery down the street. NOT even if you live in the city center or across the mall! This is the 21st century, everything is airbrushed, starting from the glossies you binge over latte to your butt on the beach via Facebook. Such grobianesque  behavior shalt no be tolerated. People could actually see you! Sheesh!

6. Dark hair and bangs are the new fangs! So fix one and dance to 50Cent. (always a classic)

pic weheartit with a touch of my own


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