Autumn song

‘Cause it’s not really winter, is it? I took out my best Sunday dress (the one I call *instantly lose 10 pounds dress* for a shoot and I paired it with a fur collar that I recently used also as a headband (creativity for less, huh). The stoney ring is the first one to replace the oh-so-irreplaceable lost couple and I’m very much in love with it.

Bodycon dress –  Zara, Coat – ASOS, Boots – H&M, Rings Vintage Mireille & Monsoon/Accessorize.




  1. Alice&Sara

    This is one perfect outfit! I’m crazy in love with your coat and boots – so awesome! You look really, really good in your *instantly lose 10 pounds dress* (not that you need it – I sincerely think you’re naturally slim). Don’t even get me started with the rings and fur collar!:)

    • Cosmic Audrey

      Oh my God thank you !!

      The ones with little houses are my fav!

      The steampunk ones I featured too. As for those they mean “for programmers” they’re actually made by this Japanese girl who carves them with laser in the shape of different sounds translated into Mhz. Beautiful, you made my day :*

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