My TOP 10 basics

Today I will post 10 of my all-time-wearable, crisis-survivor, timeless clothing pieces. When I was younger, I used to cling to whatever I though was cool and I have to admit that I had to make great efforts not to binge on everything colorful, flowery or printed. Yes, we all have a gloomy past. In the last two years, however, I managed to refrain from buying stuff that would end up once or never worn in the back of the closet and only invest in items that I’ll be able to wear or buy in 15 years from now. Sounds easy? I have to tell you, it’s not. You have to find the perfect garments in order to create irreplaceable connections between them. Perfect fabric, perfect cut, perfect neckline, it might cost and it might be rare. I used to be a dedicate high street retailers’ shopper but I’m cutting down, ’cause their current prices are completely irrelevant given the quality.

Right now, I’m working at my skills of choosing wisely and timely. I shop on sales. It’s really great to look on sales for basic or one of a kind pieces – the price is down triple and the product, if it’s a right match, will last for ages. Enough talking, let’s go business:

1. The cigarette pant


Audrey Hepburn wore these pants a lot in the sixties and seventies. She actually wore them all her life, turning the ankle length, skinny trouser a classic and a timeless piece.

Photo The sartorialist

I buy mine from Zara in black or gray.

2. The chemise

Photo The sartorialist

Photo Garance Dore

I like my shirts a bit chunky and a bit unisex, with a little feminine touch. When I say little, I mean minimum They should be long, sharp and look a bit heavy.

3. The boyfriend jeans

Photos The sartorialist

If you don’t have a boyfriend to fit in his jeans, they are on sale everywhere this month. The jeans, not the boyfriends. I pair them with a white tee or a grey/black sheer tank and finish off with a blazer. Which leads us to

4. The wonder boyfriend blazer

Men, men, men and women’s taste in style. We get everything from their closet – pants, socks, t shirts, shirts, sweaters, even underwear. But the blazer is THE hottest thing that came out of a guy’s wardrobe. I have it worn with the skinny pants and a random top/tee/shirt. WONDERS!

Photos The sartorialist

5. The tee


I like my tees soft and lightweight, a tad sheer and very, very simple. I get them in white/cream/black super sheer jersey – it gives you a weightless feeling and they are undeniably HOT – with jeans or skinny pants and the right bra! If you’re getting a darker shade AND if you’re not going to work/first date/business meeting you might not add the bra, ’cause it looks way sexier. True story.

6. The LBD

Photo The sartorialist

No words are needed, I believe. I bought over 20 black dresses in the past 2 years and I ain’t gonna stop until I find the perfect quartet. So far, my best best buys are a black bodycon zipper with sheer sleeves which I like to call the “instantly loose ten pounds dress”, a silky loose dress from KLING and a super long weightless jersey one from H&M.

7. The maxi skirt/dress

Photos The sartorialist

In 2010 I loved everything about great lengths. I bought two maxi skirts in black and I am VERY happy with both. The same applies for dresses. I really like the soft touch jersey or light cotton has on bare skin AND these things are very suitable for layering.

8. The biker jacket

Photos The sartorialist

My Lord, I will never grow tired of leather. May it come in every shape, length and shade, I will always be a fan of a good old motorcycle jacket paired with dark side zipper skinnies and a sexy sheer tee. Whoever got it into fashion was a genius. By this time, I got seven of them: a black big neck one suitable for cold weathers, a short graphite faux from H&M, a light gray faux leather biker from Portobello Punk, a pink salmon faux biker – thrifted, a black leather blazer, buttoned, courtesy of H&M, a short sleeve black biker from Vero Moda and a genuine motorbiker leather zipped jacket two sizes larger but absolutely fabulous.

Despite the general aviator sheepskin hysteria of 2010, I stayed put and never got one of those. The trend passed. So glad. I now fancy on a black leather trench. I don’t care it’s gonna make me look like Trinity. It’s SO sexy and sharp! Ideas?

9. The turtle neck

And again, ladies and gents, Audrey Hepburn, master of styledom. One of the top outfits she introduced was the black turtleneck sweater worn with cigarette pants and Oxford flats/ballerinas. Today I choose the same combination. It’s simple yet so stylish and it makes anyone oh so slender.


Tip: never wear a turtle neck with your hair loose. Do a pony tale or tie it up if long, it makes your neck EVEN longer and slimmer.

10. The mac


A classic classy girl will always pair a classic beige trench coat with jeans/skinnies and a sharp shirt. But it’s also pretty amazing with a maxi dress/skirt and flats. Best invention, honestly.

Photo The sartorialist


We’re done for now.

Stay tuned for my other top ten basics, featuring (under)garments, footwear AND make-up!

I embrace thee, ♥.





  1. Alice&Sara

    A hundred times yes – I’m with you girl, I actually can’t imagine fashion without the biker jacket and the mac, simple, masculine jersey t-shirts and dresses (might they be black or otherwise)!:)

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