My Other Top 10 Basics

continued from here

11. The white dress

I’m not a big fan of colors. I’ll rather accessorize big on shoes, one of a kind jewelry or put a vibrant lip color on. When it comes to dresses, I draw two directions: black OR white. NEVER 2 in 1, it’s too much. Pick a white/cream/pearly simple dress that fits really good. You can wear that daylight AND evening, trust me, a good fabric and cut will definitely make a statement.

Photo Chictopia

Photo The sartorialist

The above dress is from ZARA kids dept., I have it myself and worn it with both heels and black boots.

How to style

Loose and windy in summertime with strappy sandals and that’s all. Put a mac on those shoulders in autumn and keep the sandals/wedges on, pairing them with contrast sheer hosiery.

12. The marine top

You still don’t have a clear reference for that? Well..


Coco Chanel took sailor stripes and put them in style. Sharp! Ever since, they float through trend thunder storms every season and scarcely fade out. They never will. It’s navy and white, and it’s classic. Oh, and it doesn’t make you LARGE. That’s pure delusion. Just look at these ladies. Do they seem LARGE to any of you? NO, of course it’s not ’cause they were slender. It’s THE SWEATER! Shhhh, best kept secret!

Photo tumblr

How to style

I put stripes only on top, under a blazer/biker and finish off with super skinny pants or jean shorts, as seen above. You can also have them with a long semi sheer black skirt. That, in winter.

Photo chictopia

OR, you can take the super hot summery look:

Photo Tumblr

NEVER underestimate the power trio striped top/skinny pants/high heels. I wore those on my first date with my fiance. Best match!

13. The patent shoe: Oxford flat

They say there’s nothing worse than a good looking man in the wrong shoes. Whoever produced that statement surely underestimated the butt ugliness futility of BIG WHITE SNEAKERS in a woman’s feet.

Oxford shoes are a top invention when it comes to footwear. Naturally, they are mens inspiration. You can get them in heels, medium heels, super high stilettos and shoe boots, but I prefer the good old classic Zizi Repetto.


Photo The sartorialist

How to style

I usually pair mine with cropped jeans/skinny trousers and a shirt/sweater under a large blazer but you can pull a fine look with a skirt/oversize dress in black. Top everything with a huge scarf.

14. The high heel

You can never break this rule: heels are NOT an option. When  interviewed Garance Dore, she said that if you want to make a man fall in love with you, you should wear a dress. My update to that is – if you want to keep him in love, better wear heels too!

I’m talking real heels. Black, suede, stilettos, grand attitude.

Jimmy Choo Cosmic Suede Pumps

Jimmy Choo Private Suede Sandals

Christian Lououtin Open Lips 120 suede pumps

How to style

LBDs, jeans, skinnies, cropped, will all do. Try a black dress and a men’s blazer. Or better, pair that last one with a cropped skinny pant and an oversize sheer chemise. Sexinesss!

15. The fur coat

I don’t own a fur coat. Not even a synthetic one. Which is OK, ’cause I couldn’t wear it in a suitable diamonds’ n ‘sandals glorious mood, here in sloppy Bucharest. That would rather go for when I’ll reach my thirties. Till then, however, if I WILL get a fur coat (and I will, this year), I’ll have it in this very color. With black cigarette pants and heels. Yes, sir.



Photo The sartorialist

16. The camel coat

Everyone needs a good coat. Woolen, sharp, thick shouldered and thin waisted. In beige/caramel/camel aka the perfect color that goes on jeans/dresses/skirts/pants or bare legs in vanilla knitted tights from Rodarte (ughhh!).

Photos The sartorialist

17. The boy shorts/ hot pants

I’m rather a fan of boy shorts. They’re longer, wider and usually high waisted and they make my legs seem longer with heels.

Photo Garance Dore

When it comes to hot pants, I DO love them, ooh! But I keep them for concerts, late parties and beach. Well, maybe a walk too. That’s that. No arguing. Streets here are unwalkable in such ravishing-ness (I’m making words up, I know).

Photo Garance Dore


Photo Chictopia

18. The leather pants

Yes, have leather pants, but only REAL DEAL leather pants, not some echo/pu sorta leggings that shred after a few weeks. No-no-no! The leather pants are THE sexiest thing that came from the sixties. Next to Jane B., ‘f course. Pair them with a white shirt, sheer/shredded blazer and heels/high wedge boots. And then you’ll look like this:


19. The big bag

I’m really happy that messenger bags, buckle bags and large weekenders were brought back in shops last year. Unfortunately, I never found a suitable one for my taste anywhere at womens so I was saved (again) by H&M men’s dept. Was THAT a coincidence? Huh, I don’t know. But I always thought they make mens clothes, bags, shoes, ALL better, anywhere you’d go.

Photo thecherryblossomgirl

Back to the bag. One cognac/caramel/camel + one black & sharp. Fill it with shoes on weekend runaways or with everything you need. Seriously. I carry lunch in mine. Plus newspapers.


All ZARA men. All of them.

20. The clutch

I gave up clutches. If I go out now, I’ll just stuff my phone/cash in my boyfriend’s pocket and away we go. It feels so free!

If I must, however, carry one, I’ll get the simplest blue envelope thin clutch (vintage, blue, very neat) and stuff the above named in it. I don’t have a picture of the clutch, which – again – proves how long it’s been since I carried one. Sorry!



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