Modern words of wisdom # 5 (revised)

1. I never got to the very point of poking people on Facebook. Someone please explain to me what in the name of Mark Zuckerberg poking makes you aquire! Sheesh..

2. Bruises are so not cool this year. Ballet on ice neither. So go buy some water/snow/ice proof super resistant boots that don’t make you trip and sweep all over the street on ICE. I got a bloody bruise last night and it S-U-C-K-S.

2. I’m so sick and tired of MNAC, communist evocative exhibitions, The Golden Age of Communism, Critian Mungiu and Romanian motion pictures with such recurrent themes that never, ever cease to make us throw up! I mean, there are OTHER THINGS out there, people, to get inspired. But they’re like..”Nooo, we’ll just play the old rape/prostitution/abortion – all communist or post-communist card..Maybe we’ll also make a stupid movie about a guy and his mates who..reunite on holiday, make jokes only they understand and get laid with a hooker (although he’s MARRIED)..And yes, let’s not forget to expose AS MUCH NUDITY as the first 2 minutes of that nobody will for sure leave the theater. You know, it’s so cliche but they don’t know that in Cannes”…Seriously?!

4. A love story is a relationship. A relationship is not necessarily though, a love story. Keep that in mind for your own good.

5. NEVER underestimate the power of black leather pants. But only REAL DEAL leather pants, not some echo/pu sorta leggings that shred after a few weeks. No-no-no! The leather pants are THE sexiest thing that came from the sixties

6. The best and ONLY way to overcome a nightmare is to WAKE UP! Snap out of that fucked up relationship, look up to yourself, be good to those who deserve it and stop wasting your energy on useless, pointless situations and people. Love yourself, please!

7. Love does not last for 3 years, or 10 or 100, dear Frederic Beigbeder. Real love, consuming and hungry and wild and tender, lasts beyond the boundaries of a relationship. It breaks hearts, bad habits and it restaurates lifestyle. That’s when it grows into a better, bigger, more generous love. The only real issue with this deal is the persistence of memories.

8. Maybe people walking in and out of our lives is like thunders crushing ice. It’s good, and fresh and it pulls blood back to the arteries. Like a cold shower under New Moon. If you honestly let go, and they honestly come back, be a keeper.

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