First impressions on Earth

It’s been some crazy 2 months. High on blood and low on sugar, with parties, guests, gigs and photo-less. I am sorry for that last part. There was no time and I’ve been reorganizing my life and closet. Thank you everyone who e-mailed me about the future of this blog. By next week I will start shooting again. And I hear we’ve got a 5D all the way!

Give me a smile and a hug!

also, my past 10 rants/crazy thoughts/funny tales on the modern world of relationships/dating:

1. I don’t believe in a cure for relationships falling apart, same as I don’t feel one can be tamed when their violent heartbeats at night urge them to break loose.

2. If a guy doesn’t call you instead of texting, fb messaging, tweet you or whatevs, then he’s totally not that into you. Or an emotional retarded freak. Or both.

3. Yo, guys! This might come as news to you, but it was recently discovered that we, girls, actually enjoy getting a stick with five petals on top of it from time to time. So don’t go around preaching about your love for tulips and how you’re gonna buy yourself some when we’re together passing by a florist. That’s just sick.

4. Always speak up your mind. Even when you don’t feel like it, even though you might think you’re setting yourself up for being hurt – you’re not. If you don’t go and say what you feel or want, chances are you end up in situation drama with a case closed.

5. Dear boys, you honestly don’t have to cook that dinner for us just so you can pass the next time on to us by expressing that statement while we eat, so we won’t actually be able to enjoy our meal. That would really happen. If only you’d speak just half the sentence.

6. It’s not quite polite to invite a girl to a party and then friendly suggest her she’d better not show up ’cause “The kitchen’s really small, everybody’s smoking and you’re not going to like it”. You’re right, I don’t.

7. And please don’t wave your Psychology degree in my face. I didn’t ask you if you masturbate to your mom’s pic.

8. If you’re gonna vent that time consuming job/aimless life/post seven year partum depression every time we hang out, better use that psycho diploma to fix yourself. A girl is not your therapist, dude!

9. Do NOT ever in your life tell a girl that she should get together with her ex, after you two had sex. Just saying.

10. Post break-up sex doesn’t really help you forget your ex. But it makes up for intercourse, conversation, breakfast in bed AND it makes you feel sexy, skinny and sky rocket.


pic by james d kelly


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