Make out, not war

1. Outstanding sex is not about being good at it. No, it’s only about doing a lot of things together for the first time. Having many firsts connects you beyond skills and practice.

2. Dude, ok, it’s internet. And if i learned one thing, Internet is good for two things: 1. fun all the way; 2. fantasy scripts on reality that end up messing out our life”.

3. I wonder how can you have no strings attached when attachment crawls in with no further notice. But then again, attachment is spam.

4. We’ll all become Summer and Tom after breaking down 500 days of relationships. I promise.

5. They should teach rejection and dissappointment in junior school. I know that “the heart is forever inexperienced” n shit, but people would be WAY better with their math done.

6. I wish the kind of relationship based on all that time and life consuming passion wouldn’t exist. I think the highest of highs and the lowest of lows would so well disappear if everyone would choose a plain dull respectful life. Real life doesn’t give us such choice but then of course, lobotomy could make it happen.

7. Hurts / Marina and the Diamonds / Crystal Castles / Gogol Bordello / Interpol / Pulp / The Chemical Brothers are 7 in 1 at Sziget this summer. I don’t care if you’re not going. Your loss.

8. I finally watched Blue Valentine. I’m surprised that, despite all the no-go see it warnings for being a helplessly depressing film and all the super reviews and was..well..quite dry. Am I the only one who felt this way? Or maybe just my emotional self sweeps away?

9. Women LOVE to wake up content, to curl their arms in the morning and to step, while reaching for slippers, in a used condom. This ACTUALLY puts them in a transcendental state of grace and completion close to Nirvana. Therefore, you shouldn’t wonder if they begin professing their high love for your through evil jokes, bad words or awkward silences. It’s totally normal!

10. I heard its good to wed in June. But I heard that in a movie called “7 brides for 7 bros” so…NO, I’m not buying it! no more America(n crappy romantic comedy) in my love life, please.

11. Am I the only one who thinks “Simona Ionescu” of band Aeroport sounds like James – Getting away with it (all messed up)? All the way? No? That’s great ’cause I was starting to wonder.

Photos: Ionut Staicu for



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