Rolemodel love


Have you seen those model couples they put in Vogue, ELLE, I-D etc in reality? Style magazines feed us the dream of a perfect polished couple, but that’s all bullshit. How many couples in which both the girl and the guy looked amazing have you met? Generally, you don’t see that happening. She’s prettier or he’s more handsome. If they’re both on the same page, it won’t work.Take models and rock stars.Or actors and musicians. Or any combo in between.

Most (if not all) of them ended it bad or in divorce. Some killed themselves (have a Sid and Nancy). It’s seriously hard to maintain self confidence and independence in a stunning match. As shallow as it sounds, the best relationships I’ve …seen featured a short overweight girl and a super cute guy or a plain guy and a supermodel/artist/very beautiful and classy woman. It’s a universal law, I think. If you’re both stunning, jealousy, mistrust, co-dependence and fear easily crawl in your bed. A happy relationship doesn’t need high fashion and style. The only fashion you need is wisdom for the heart and the only style you should master is that of caring.


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  1. Alice&Sara

    Your leather jacket is insane (the short sleeves rock). What a great yet simple outfit!
    As for your text I don’t know if I agree with you 100%. I’ve seen equally beautiful people being together and happy for a very long time. The thing with jealousy, mistrust, codependence and so on can be even more true for the couples in which one of the two is not as beautiful as the other one. From what I’ve seen and experienced the “glue” in a long term relationship is not as much the way people look, but more the personality, the “what you can handle, get used to” factor!:))))

  2. Cosmic Audrey


    Da, nu spun ca trebuie sa fie unul ciung sau schiop si celalat miss univers. I’m just saying that most couples in which both partners are very attractive persons (not only to each other, but to outsiders too), things CAN get messed up. usually, if the first thing that fascinated us about the other one is their glorious looks, style or taste, well that’s gonna annoy the hell out of us when they’ll slip through our fingers or fail to meet our expectations in other areas. I’m not saying this is 100% accurate, but I’ve seen it happen A LOT.

  3. dizzie

    What about ‘boring’ couples?Let’s say an unknown musician and a fashionista-wannabe,do they have a chance?

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