Friendship and all the other demons

1. Keep you friends close and your enemies closer. Learn their IDs, accounts, fb page adress AND passwords. This way, you can be the first to learn basic stuff like the weather in Japan or that your ex is moving in with the girl he was also cheating on you with.

2. Stop carrying your boyfriends to H&M or AFI, girls. They HATE watching you shop as much as they can get an allergy from peanuts. You want them to be your sex mates or your bff? Choose wisely.

3. Never bitch about friends in front of friends. And if you do, make sure you use a super decent and classy tone.  So they don’t ever get mad at you, but at themselves. Don’t do it like Katy Perry, listen to me.

4. Remember “Wannabe” of the Spice Girls? Those lyrics of the nineties were damn right about how love affairs should start. You wanna be together, get along with my friends, mate. Sorry, someone just had to let you know.

5. There are times in life when friendship instinct beats everything – distance, fights, silence or broken relationships. If your ex ex ex best friend is in a super bad moment in their life and you have the power to just pick up the phone and check if they’re ok, JUST DO IT.

6. It’s really OK to tell your friends stuff about your boyfriend. Nice stuff, pretty stuff, crappy stuff, they should be fine with your neediness/rants/crazy calls at 2 am. Just don’t insist on the dirty details. It’s non of their business. However, if you do, mention something totally unflattering like his erection problems. They’re friends, they’ll understand.

7. Life gives us all sort of friendships. There are those that we com across while waiting on the queue to pay for our milk. Those that draw us back in childhood with very distant, yet dear memories. Some that end at an unexpected time just to give us a lesson or a time to recreate and that may light up again with age. A few that we cherish for the good and the bad driven through together. And one or two that make our life spectacular and limitless with inspiration, strength and love. Those last ones are worth searching for your whole life.

8. Sometimes it’s good to just listen to your gut and start new no matter what people say.  They will eat shit ANYWAY. A very smart person once said she’d have saved 10 years of a lifetime if had not she spent overtime in bad relationships. Surround yourself with the human beings/animals/things that make your life a place for your heart! Do not compromise.

9. Remember that a good friend won’t cut you down when you’re in need, won’t talk trash about you, will not underrate who you are and most of all, will stay true to you. And that’s love.

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