Fever Ray

The truth is, I’m tired. My heart is tired. My muscles are tight, my stomach has shrunk. I long for a six month vacation, everywhere else but here.  A year off, if it’s not too much. I long for a Norwegian cold city with cotton candy skies in winter and vanilla bays and beaches. I long for chunky coats to comfort my tired spine and simple silky dresses to spoil my skin. I long for a place where daylight strikes at 4 am and the sun goes down at 11 in the afternoon. Where I can sit in the spa half a day, take a long walk with my dog and then have a late lunch in a bar that serves champagne full time. I long for a foreign dialect and foreign manners. Answering my phone in a different accent. A good bright red lipstick. Lotion from La Mer and lobster for dinner. Boats, ships, bridges and trains. Cold sunlight at noon and sea breeze.  Shops, modern galleries, concerts I’ve never heard of. The perfect balance between isolation and people. I need to get away.

Photos: Mihaela Pascu



  1. Alexandra

    I love you puiu! And I hope we’ll have a holiday together someday. and maybe we’ll decide we don’t want to come back anymore.

  2. MR P

    could you be more specific?In which city? I would like to go there,if I could have the chance,and it’s nearby my place.

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