There is a light that never goes out

I once made a custom t-shirt inspired by a boy. Plain white, barely sheer, captioned with the chorus of There is a light that never goes out. Back then, I firmly believed in aphorisms like “for better and for worse”, “if a double deck bus crashes into us”, “to die by your side, the pleasure, the privilege is mine”. Thus the message I wore on my chest to every concert pretty much channelized all my passion for the boy. It traveled with us and met every party in town. I had my favorite man and my favorite piece of apparel in the whole world.

I stopped listening to the song for a long time after the story engraved on cotton failed to fit the reality. Until last morning in Control, when it filled the room and crashed into my ears and made my body restless. We still dance to this music in the dawn of every other wasted Sunday. We still curl our bodies to this track at 5 am on the cigarette ash filled and beer washed dance floor. We know the lyrics by heart, regardless of what they once meant or mean to us. Because no matter the shit we’ve been through, we still believe there truly is a light that never goes out.

I still wear the t-shirt to sleep sometimes. The words haven’t faded due to good printing. The fabric remained soft and light, still my skin itches every time I put it on. For an anthem remains an anthem, and that was my anthem. My solid proof. My love statement in fabric.

Jim Morrison t shirt
Lipstick, finger applied

Photos by the greatest Mihaela Pascu


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