Rag and stone

I once signed a fashion collection story board with these few words:

Love is pure, and also passionate, feisty, bursting with color; flaming, charmy, irrational,
like a mosaic
made of patches of who we are
made of darker shades of former love stories and lighter ribbons of overwhelming new feelings
Love blossoms like cherry trees in winter, bursting flowery bouquets in a rough harmony of pastels and scents
Love is a blanket we put on our back to keep the mind warm and to fire up the insides of the heart

love is the mixtapes he made for you in college

It’s the fringes of whatever we become, meeting the fringes of whatever HE or SHE, our beloved, is

it’s steps, milestones, land marks on the wrist, one for every knot, all the way up to full length happiness.

So if you have it in your hands, just begin knitting at it.

Jumper and lace blouse thanks to newly and greatly rebranded Tina R

Leather pants from ASOS

Photos by David Burlacu

Styling and post process by me



  1. verde ursuz

    Somehow that autumn day is you. A warm person, peaceful, someone who just offers you that great feeling of an October or September sunny afternoon. Yet again, you’re so much more in many different amazing ways. 🙂

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