Sex and The Single Girl

It was 1999 when the Sex and The City TV series started airing in Romania. The show was on late at 11 pm and forbidden to 16 years olds and beneath, so you can pretty much guess that in these harsh conditions and with me having to go to bed at 10 pm every school night, I had no sneak preview of seasons 1, 2, 3 and possibly 4.

It was only in 2005 when HBO ran a full season marathon of ALL the series when I got to watch every single episode and got hooked on the life and tales of the glam. I just liked the storyline back then, just thought it was so funny, fashionable and, well, addictive. It was all about the buckets of caramel nuts Nirvana ice cream I used to stuff my face in while watching. It was only seven years and a half later when Sex and The City became Sex and The Witty to me and most of that show actually started to play its part. But I guess you have to go through some shit, live a little (more), make a few (more) plans, build something and tear it apart before you come to terms with the fact that huge amounts of lines from that TV show will haunt your (and your friends’) daily conversations. Which is pretty funny and amazing btw, especially when it’s 2 am, you’re on the line with your girl mate while facing writer’s block on the creative line and your little exchange of word games, stories, rants, thinformation etc will magically turn into modern words of wisdom.

I live for those moments. When you can actually grab the words and make sentences and rearrange them like playing with dots in the air and get to a remarkable and truthful syntax. And that is the magic of talking to people. The glorious verbal intercourse that turns silly words into aphorisms and brave connotations into proverbial jokes.

Being the single girl who writes a dating-relationships-shoes-daily humor-life happenings blog is not that far from the single skinny columnist with an expensive footwear addiction and an inclination for hurricane emotions. Well, maybe a little less for the hurricane part. I sometimes like to think at the whole range of ideas that SATC ingrained in women’s mind as a sparkle defying commodity and dullness. People say it’s bullshit, that it’s not a real movie. Whoever said that ate a load of crap, but let me get to the point. Odds are that due to over exaggerated and unrealistic portrayal of lead characters’ lives, especially in the two films, SATC may have missed a few connections with the real world. Cause in the real world, we don’t casually travel dressed head to toes in Dior through Sahara, re-marry the man who ditched us at our wedding, walk 48 blocks in Jimmy Choo’s or make a living from writing for Vogue.

HOWEVER, SATC kept firm all through the 14 years a basic, brilliant ideal that never goes out of style, on screen or in reality. The most unbeatable, rough and sincere portrayal of FRIENDSHIP. It may have gone a bit wild about everything else – the men, the parties, sometimes even the sex, but SATC never ever failed to remind us how lucky we are to have our best friends, dear friends, our soulmates. The people you will have in your life regardless your relationship status, your moods, your failures or harsh times, that will look up to you and be close to you in your worst of the worst and in the most incredibly amazing moments. Who will share dinner with you, laugh all night on the phone with you or call to see if you’re still sick. And mostly, who will always tell you the truth. Every time I watch those movies I feel like I have my own Sex and The City here in Bucharest. All the old and the new friends brought together in a year where a lot of shit happened, 2011 – this is a dream come true. And the feeling is priceless.

Photos Mihaela Pascu  – please like her page Mic dejun de Bucuresti

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  1. DaS Sasha

    🙂 I love SATC. I still watch the series, especially when I feel a little down or don’t know what to wear the next day. I envy the characters and their lives, although I know sometimes the story is far from reality. But I have always dreamed that someday I will feel the warmth of this kind of friendship. Unfortunately I wasn’t very lucky.
    kiss kiss

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