Lying is the least fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

1. Getting a tattoo (or more) doesn’t make you a convicted criminal, peasant, tosser, illiterate, creepy hobo with no teeth and no perspective. Except if you are all those already. My point – no need you have your arms cut/skin peeled to get rid of that embarrassing memory or just to please others. I actually agree to ink more than to any jewelry, bling, pierces or make-up. It’s timeless and makes a real statement.

2. I’ll always choose Photoshop over La Mer seven mineral eye cream. And that’s all I have to say about this.

3. I’m still struggling to guess why can’t we just be with a person we like. Why do you guys have to treat us like idiots? Is it asking too much if we, girls, in modern day, would like not to be called or treated like bitches/stupid/jerks/whores/trainwrecks? If we’d like you to hold the door for us? Ask us about our day? Clean your own rooms? How ’bout use protection in bed, f’cking retards! Well this really makes me wanna quit on life.

4. “Blame it on my ADD” is such a common excuse for being a shithead in this age, don’t you think? “Maybe I should kill myself” also. Maybe you should.

5. Why do so so many people rush to say I love you when it’s only desperation or hormones running wild but not the real thing? I think that’s the most dissapointing part of it. Why say I love you any more if it’s not even a promise? Cause that’s what it should express. Or that’s how things worked back in the day. But even just writing this I start to wonder if it wasn’t always the same, in every time and age, and we only look at people in the past preaching the same wish for better love, better people, times gone by – I guess every time we recall that people changed and in a previous decade they were better, smarter, more honest or generous we just live an illusion. We feed ourselves a bullshit hope that “for sure there is better and we deserve that better”, but I keep wondering where is it. People become more stupid as they progress with age..

6. The worst part about people who are jerks is that, regardless of how much you’d wanna stick around them or practice even minor conversation in their direction, they do something shitty and leave you no choice but to walk out and eventually feel bad about the whole deal, since you didn’t even ask for that in first place.

7. The best (and only) option when you’re in bed with a gorgeous girl is to shut the fuck up and deliver. Neverending talk is such a bone head move! I’m guessing we’re all anxious or moody from time to time, but instead of having those hard-off vagina monologues, grow a dick and learn how to use it.




  1. Verde Ursuz

    epic end, like you say, dearest friend! 🙂 You are right. But my optimistic side (which I don’t sometimes recognize but like) knows there is better out there. But better might mean us being stronger and walking out at the right moment. Whatever does not kill us might make us stranger, again, like you say, but stronger us well. Strenght really lies in taking decisions and moving forward.

  2. a mere man

    1. that is not a common thought or misconception of people that are open minded enough

    2. to each his own

    3. you’ve certainly not met the right entourage. or it may be that you’re needy more than what he can offer given he’s struggling to make a living for the both of you, or at least make enough to get you a small present once in a while. how about you stop bitching and aching without a more serious reason – we don’t – and it would sure make our life easier not hearing you girls whine every time we call or ask you for a drink. how about that, huh?

    How about you try and take all that’s positive about each day, and at least try to make us cheerful, rather than bringing us down with your blue moods? How about you understand the real meaning of ” I don’t feel like seeing you ” – namely, the fact that we’re too tired or annoyed to be a pleasant company, or to be of any use (be it sentimental or physical) to you?

    How about you smile every now and then just to see us smiling? and for that alone we’ll make you smile, no matter what! How about you say thank you or hug us for a compliment? How about you don’t argue when we say you’re beautiful, just so we’ll say it again and again. How about you don’t act like brats and spoiled children?

    We’re not parrots, and we surely have feelings too – feelings that can be hurt when we admit loving you and all you do is stay and look indifferent like ” what’eva dude”

    How about you let us be – and we will be by your side, and we’ll grow old with you, and make fun of photoshop not doing any good to your wrinkles at 70. How about you show us blind love and not a list of demands and behavioral guide book. We’re men not pets, and we want to be lovers, not boyfriends. Maybe you’ve met only boyfriends, given the things you ask for ” holding the door for us ” . Really? Is that even necessary to be told?

    4. It’s actually a ADT – attention deficit trait, which is sort of like the normal version of attention deficit disorder. But it’s a condition induced by modern life, in which you’ve become so busy attending to so many inputs and outputs that you become increasingly distracted, irritable, impulsive, restless and, over the long term, underachieving. In other words, it costs you efficiency because you’re doing so much or trying to do so much, it’s as if you’re juggling one more ball than you possibly can.

    5. because many (or the wide majority, I dare say) are completely incapable of making the difference between sexual attraction, or falling for aesthetics to say it more pleasantly, and comprehensive love. It’s scary when you can actually tell why it is that you love someone, aside of the regular “blind love” when you have no idea why it is that you love him/her and can only think of irrelevant little habits and pretty words told.

    6. but it’s your fault when you let them do that shitty something; it was you that let enough space or created the right condition for the jerk to act shitty.

    7. so he can’t hold a conversation at tea, but he starts chatting when atop of you? Where do you find these specimens? hahah

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