Something’s gonna happen to make your whole life better

I listen to this song whenever life seemes dull and wasted. Something’s gonna happen to make your whole life better. It reminds me of summers when I was a kid and vacation with my parents at the seaside made life glamorous, that kind of glitz only the start of the nineties had. The time when people still loved, loved better. It’s the kind of song you’d play at 5 am, before the dawn of a brilliant summer day, birds cross the sky and you know life will be good. People start walking on the street, cars start moving, you hear whistles and heels battering the pavement in the city morning glow, vacations look ahead, boats and trains and planes and the air feels warm and windy, your typing machine is filled with lust of creation. Lovers walk together side by side on the street, friends come for margaritas at seven and your Givenchy red coat hung in the door from last winter reminds you you’re still in a not-so-far but so different time and age, when all of the above were possible and normal.

Loving someone today seems almost an obscenity.

L’AIR DU TEMPS series 3

photos Das Sasha
location thanks to Papiota
Plase LIKE Ruffles for Breakfast


this song is for A. you should read her blog



  1. M.

    “Loving someone today seems almost an obscenity.”

    While I don’t always enjoy your writing style (no offense, just a matter of literary taste), the above sentence hit close to home and struck me as one of the most emotionally truthful things I’ve come across recently.

    Kudos; heartbreak (that little c*nt) does make artists of us all, doesn’t she? 🙂

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