I follow hearts, I hollow rivers









Most of you know: I’m an old fashioned girl and everything that wears the label classic is my cup of tea. I had a great personal war with the idea of replacing paper with websites, good old phones with smart ass iPhones and fur coats with synthetic rabbits. I’m not even sorry, ’cause I know each and every time I have to text or email I will be 100 times more grateful for buttons instead of a touch pad and nothing makes my heart beat faster than crocodile bags. Well, almost, add a Chanel purse to that.

I never buy Romanian magazines but I’m in love with the smell and touch of I-D, Dazed and Confused or Lula on my fingertips. So when ALL HOLLOW delivered their pilot issue straight on my work desk, my morning felt suddenly more lightweight, despite those sunny 38 degrees that poisoned my summer and made me consider walking out in the nude.

It’s what i missed all this time seeing in a magazine and it feels like it should. I carried the issue for days in my tote before finding the right time to put these lines in ether. And I suppose you don’t have to be a classic girl like me to like having your hands on it. But you should know their September Issue will be a blast. Just like the movie.


One comment

  1. Cristina

    It’s the first time I actually manifest some sort of enthusiasm towards a Romanian publication – I had the same feeling of having found the missing heartbeat in a plastic wrapped area – that of magazines (mostly, really bad fashion mags, that is) – when I browsed through their pilot issue! Can’t wait for the September issue!

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