New world currencies for old matters of the heart

You know how technology literally makes your life brighter, more colorful and filled with such harmonious lights that you might seem cut out from a vintage poster – well, of course you do, since you’re head over hands in open relationships with photo applications and such. I’m with the league that secretly empties a glass of champagne with a vain smile when Instagram crashes and nobody can show their breakfast in Diana F to the world. I didn’t really get the sense of vintagizing your dress, your shoes, your lunch and your face in the fitting rooms at Urban Outfitters, not until this girl Adela Coman om Nine Thirty-Seven poisoned my entire photo-wise integrity with her Marseille everyday life shot in Hipstamatic. She was basically so convincing that her facebook almost made me hop on a plane and have a sunbathe with her. Iphone make happy tourism much?

So, during this last runaway from all social responsibilities with many bottles of alcohol in my bag holiday, the virus got in my system and I decided to eat, drink and make evil funny looking faces in hipstamatic. For all the loving, the fucking and the shopping I will always have that darker  shade of real life.


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