Put your wetsuit on, put a t-shirt on

I’ve fallen in “I need this in my wardrobe and it’s for good” love with the white T-shirt years ago. For me, it was the best match of simplicity and class. I had it on the beach, I slept in it, I hyped it for a high fashion party and I slipped it under a leather jacket for a date.

Then it was the band t-shirts. My credit card faced its limit and my hands faced unnatural multi-tasking last winter in Retrock when I left the place with – I kid you not – 11 bags of vintage rock’n’roll junk.

Last but not least, I am helplessly addicted to my graphic print tee collection. So when TShirt Factory customized this and delivered it to me, I had a blast: not only the fabric was perfectly smooth, a bit sheer like I wear it and soft, but the imprinted cotton looked neat, clear and, well, too fabulous not to take a ride to town with my silk loose biker jacket and 1960’s vintage hotpants.

I’ve been looking for a while already for a good relationship between custom design AND text on t-shirts but the investigation was not that fulfilling. Usually the fabric is too thick, the design is too chunky, the label is sticking out OR (the worst) the print wears off when detergent interferes. T-shirt Factory is similar to a real size factory with all the OPTIONS. I love options, you know already. Pick your own t-shirt, your own color, your own text or design, your own fabric. OR pick from theirs, I’m personally looking at this rock’n’roll inspired line right here.

Oh, and, yes, I am a cotton-sheer-soft fabrics-graphic print freak. I’m sure they have those AA’s for compulsive fabric lovers too, other than shoe maniacs!


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