You know who I am, Mr. Flannagan, I’m the girl in the afternoon

Love in the afternoon looks better through the right pair of lens. That’s what I instantly thought when the guys from Firmoo sent me these vintage inspired sunglasses that I prefer to sport with a shawl on my hair and the right luxury wear. They reminded me of the class and sass of 1960s movies and they matched my complexion, face shape and style, which is pretty hard to achieve when most affordable glasses look weird on me.

Now, I’m one of those people who like to cover their eyes with something shady in less hot times of the year too. That foggy sunshine in autumn/winter may seem great for photography and all, but it’s killer for those of us with sensitive eyes, so if I can have one pair of go-with-all sunglasses in my bag I’ll cringe less.

If you want to try a little role play like I did with these lovelies or get a new pair of lens for this season (that WON’T hurt your eyes or make you feel dizzy – some sunglasses from high street retailers will do that to you!) these guys have an appealing offer and give your first pair pro bono. Pretty clever ♥ Just go here for details.

OH, they also have this super useful virtual try on app (similar to the TOPSHOP virtual make-up app) that helps you figure out which pair is best for you. Worked wonders for me!


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