Insta-cards from 2011

In august 2011, my decision to switch mobile network providers came packed with a new phone that promised loyalty in my “I can’t touch-type” drama (sorry, oldfashioned girl!) aka had buttons and a bundle of apps for memorabilia.

I have to say since 2010 I live the curse of lost-stolen-broken phones, and this one didn’t break the spell. I lost it this year, before my birthday came, while performing some ad-hoc type of ballet on ice (fuck you, ASOS boots!) and trying not to break my fingers while reaching for a fence to break my fall. It was lost in the snow.

HOWEVER, before 2.0 version came in my house this year, I managed to save all the photos I took with the first one last year.

I stumbled upon them yesterday while cleaning my desktop. I got struck with homesickness and nostalgia (but that’s mostly because 70% of my close friends have switched time zones and residences this year). Then I thought I never share the casual, normal, off-the-record side of my life.

But then again, if I don’t, how would you know that in my spare time I wear a giant blonde salad on my head most of the time?

Or buy tons of flowers in winter time from wherever I can haz them?

Or own a giant cat who rules the world from up above the fridge. It runs in the family.

I am addicted to woolen socks. They’re soft, chunky, and they have something to die for when they slowly fall off down the leg. I take them to bed(room).

Last year I had avocados on toast for the first time and grown on a rabid addiction to it.

found love in a hopeless place

was reminded friendship is gold.

Took breakfasts in different accents. I never take breakfast but I splurge when I see marshmallow apple tart and a good cappuccino.

Woke up to this view. Building across was a duplex occupied by cosmopolitan hipsters and heavy drinkers with a sense of art deco. I liked the clothes the guy hung in the attic window.

These are the best chocolates in the world. They’re made by GALLER, France, and they sell them at Carturesti too I think.

My friend ANA took me to Anvers. For everyone who wants to walk through a bay in November and soulsearch/ listen to BEACH HOUSE (or just grab a rose wine, stay drunk and hang around) it’s the place to be. For everyone who wants to come back with a full refreshed wardrobe it’s a brave new world. Anvers has the largest fashion street in Europe.

This is the best tart that came from STARBUCKS your ordinary supermarket in Brusells. Looks the same, tastes the same, scores 1/2 lower.

Went on this shooting adventure at 3 degrees to impersonate COOLTA for Alina Ene, who is a great designer and who made this laser cut Moldavian rose dress for me.

I partied (like a rockstar on crack high heels)

I made this beautiful event come to life. I miss making it, a lot!

I took the first trip with my mom.

It was quite a catch


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