Longboard girls and inked-up tights

EVERYBODY KNOWS: I am a fan of tattoos (2 done, 5 planned), so when I got my eyes on this pair of sheer body art printed tights from Pamela Mann I knew I won’t resist them. Getting a tattoo (or more) doesn’t make you a convicted criminal, peasant, tosser, illiterate, creepy hobo with no teeth and no perspective. Except if you are all those already. My point – no need you have your arms cut/skin peeled to get rid of that embarrassing memory or just to please others. I actually agree to ink more than to any jewelry, bling, pierces or make-up. It’s timeless and makes a real statement.

AND, if you don’t feel they are friendly enough for your style, you can always try a pair of tights that emulate ink art. This pair is such a stunner, with mermaids, starfish, roses and stars. They are HELL SPELL BOUND and they make me think of Cali, longboard girls in summer clothes and partying till dawn. They also seem very sheer but these are POWER TIGHTS, don’t break, don’t shred.

IF you’re looking for a hosiery heaven like me, try the online store where these beauties came from. The selection is broad and they have all the crazy inspirational gorgeous stuff you’d usually see on blogs/online shops that don’t deliver to Romania.

PAMELA MANN tights thanks to lovely Floriana from FUNKYTIGHTS.ro

+ leather jacket @ NEED SUPPLY/LUSH

+ bodysuit @ H&M

AND here are some of my on-store favorites:



  1. Ambrosia

    Amazing look! Those tights look so hot on you! Pamela Mann tights, in general, are absolutely wow – you can also get them from InLoveWithFashion (maybe you know about it).
    …annnd..great combo with the “most perfectestest..est” boots I’ve seen lately!… Where’d you get those from? 🙂

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