The challenge of finding your way in the creative world and other demons

Growing up, I never had an actual clue about what I want to do with my life. At some point, writing became a job and not just a college after hours hobby, and some years later, I still know and am more convinced than ever that I want to keep making wonders out of words. However, this year got me thinking and reevaluating my priorities. I stumbled across the leap, again. And I found myself again, in the early hours of the morning, grabbing coffee in bars (Control should know how many coffees were made in the service of killing my morning demons) and thinking my perspectives out loud with friends or just replaying them in my mind.

If you are like me, then you had and possibly still have multiple trial and error attempts to figure out yourself. I tried to be a photographer, designer, seamstress, painter AND fashion blogger. None of them stuck to me as writing did, and this year I decided that however long these passions will stick with me, regardless the measure, I will use them. Then I realized something that changed my perception. In order to be a successful blogger, you must know how to write. If you don’t, that’s it, you’re screwed. People will eventually get bored with pictures, if they’re not sustained by a story. But don’t imagine the picture themselves shouldn’t ALSO say their own story that gets your attention. You must know photography, have image editing skills and be really good with SEO. You must know how the light falls in a photograph, even if you’re not the one who takes it. You must be a stylist, which means you need to handle knowledge of art, fashion and aesthetics like a pro! Finally, you must remain true to yourself, so that at the end of the day, people won’t feel that what you created belongs to someone else.

And that was when I realized how many things can be done at once, IF you can use them in one meaningful direction, that before getting you awareness and readers, gets you fulfillment. My advice is to hold on to everything you’re learned, even in the weirdest, shittiest, most impossible moments in your life, because if you make even 3 little steps forward and 2 steps back, you have still achieved something better and you are closer to finding the truth about yourself.

This may sound encrypted and just bla bla bla meaningless chatter but let me get to the point. This is one of the other surprises I was preparing for you:

A few days ago, Universul DallesGO sent me an invitation to become part of their official bloggers team. For those of you who don’t know, Universul DallesGO is an institution that specializes in teaching grown-ups passionate about fashion, photography, styling, art of make-up and other branches of the creative industry to take their hobbies to greater professional lenghts. As an after school platform, it’s easy to attend if you work 9 to 6 and don’t normally have the time or resources to fulfill your passion. It’s a great way to meet professionals in the industry, learn actively from them and also get to know people with similar interests and begin fruitful friendships and collaborations.

I was extremely glad to be able to speak about how great these schooling methods are because I know so many people out there who haven’t had a proper background in art or fashion but who are eager to learn and experiment and build their way into the industry. I also know that self teaching can sometimes be 100 times better than the classes you get in the Romanian state system and that few are those who afford an education in a a college abroad that actually does something for your future. But I do know that however much you can learn by yourself, you still need guidance and the help of someone who admitedly knows more and better. And I think these classes are a good way of either enlightening yourself whether you are suited for your creative extension or discovering necessary stuff about your true calling.

Earlier this fall, I realized I want to focus on becoming a stylist. Meaning I want to continue my abandoned endeavor in photography and my practice with fashion from the position of the concept creator and so much less of the model. It makes me passionate and happy and it took me out of a very weird place where nothing made sense in terms of the general mid-late twenties What the fuck will I do with my life crisis. I am going to take DallesGO’s stylist classes and this blog will hopefully get through a series of changes that speak of this challenge.

I recommend it to any of you who don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, and who are of course keen about building up a way in the creative industries.

Follow your passion, feed your courage, it will take you to great lenghts!

If you are passionate about photography, styling, make-up or design and you want to learn more about PR, Advertising and how to seduce targeted audiences, apply for Universul Dalles Go afterschool. I promise it’s worth it.

My chatter now done, here’s the information you need to apply:    |    0769 041 711    |   str. Ion Oteteleşanu, nr. 2, et. II




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