Once upon a first of December and a little bit of 1960s

We’re supposed to celebrate Romania today, but the only thing I actually believe it’s worth celebrating is my Mother‘s birthday. Let me tell you the story:

She was born in ’58, on a blizzard-ish first of December, from a Dad and a Mom who were else born on the 30th on November and 2nd of December. She came out in the middle, like the missing piece in the puzzle.

My mother was never conventional. She dressed up in a way that got her simple yet stunning all the time. She was the definition of unconventional luxe. She and my Dad got married at the City Hall, when they were in their twenties, and celebrated in a same out-of-the-pattern party at Hanul lui Manuc. She wore a simple blue dress that was handmade and unique.

My mother would smoke a lot and she was the heart of the party. She wore bright red nails and Russian red lipstick with an Audrey Hepburn pixie haircut. My Dad was tall, skinny and looked like he stepped out of a 1960s rock’n’roll band. They were FABULOUS together.

This is my grandfather. What a man, huh? I never met him, but these photographs of him are Hollywood like and so dramatic.



This is him with my Mother while she was still in school. Notice the sexy classy roarring white socks.





THIS is my favorite picture.




My Mom and her high school mates. Lean back and learn, hipsters!



Graduation party dress



This could have made for a great album cover.


This is me, around the age of 3. Notice the way I wore my scarf. Natural born talent lol.


Happy birthday, Mom, and after you see this I hope you won’t make a scene. I HAD to share you to the world.


In other news, the chosen one who will attend the FASHION STYLIST CLASS offered by Universul Dalles Go is Sorina Ghiţă. Congratulations and see you soon!


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