I saw this trend on Facebook and blogs where people in the creative industry make tops and lists of their achievements at the end of the year. I was lazy busy enough to skip that in December but then I thought any time is a good time to brag in public count your blessings rather than no time.

Before I get this started I want to explain myself a bit, because in 2012 this blog has taken multiple directions and for a long time it was actually hard to focus on only one or two of them. Which isn’t half bad, when it gives you the chance to discover hidden places of your personality and deep ends of your possibilities.

Ruffles for Breakfast began in 2010 as my style diary. I would post outfits friends photographed me in in the city and post them here. I have to tell you it was boring as hell. So I changed turns and put a bit of life into this spiritless website by adding sketches and short notes from the novel(s) I was working at to the pictures, now themed.

This got me much more readers than fashion pictures ever did, and I was happy to see what a deal breaker writing is. I met many people through the blog. I got encouraged to write even when I had a shitty 1 year time of  writer’s block.

In the beggining of 2012 I styled the first editorial for a local brand, ZAZA Boutique. Collaborations with LaChatterie, BIPOLAR, Alina Ene and Coolta, Macramoi and other brands followed.

I basically tried to use the blog as a platform for aiding uprising young brands in fashion to get promoted.

This short campaign for SUBSET t-shirts is one of my dearest projects in 2012, because it speaks truly and authentically about the nature of things we love. It was also my first attempt to make a short movie. I still need to really learn Premiere pro.

Alexandra Diaconu and I did a couple of shoots for the pretty clothes at IDELIER. And there’s more where that came from, just wait for the surprise to land.

I was asked to write a column for the ALL HOLLOW blog. Seasoned with pictures of me. It had my name on it, which was fancy, but not motivating enough because as 2012 was reaching a start I realized I want to stop with the modelling and use any experience I gained in becoming a fashion stylist. And I did, and it’s the most challenging and practical experience I’ve had since I started to properly work in publishing and online. Ruffles for Breakfast will keep all the prose fragments but the fashion posts will be replaced in 2013 by editorial work. 

I ended the year at the DALLES GO Styling classes with Ovidiu Buta and a bunch of wonderful people I am really glad to have met. My colleagues are now chilling via Berlin Fashion Week while I am home writing this from the comfort of my bed. I raise my glass!

Since the 4th of January I’ve been getting busy with things of all sorts and got in that strange mood where a tiny time off leaves you feeling weird because you have FINALLY nothing to do. I think that’s happening when you’re a workaholic, no? I hope not.

As for me, myself and the other people who live in my brain, 2012 was an awfully changing year. 90% of my friends left the country to greener pastures. I miss them a lot, flights are expensive and that’s all I have to say about that. Places and people changed around and even if this was a HARDER year compared to 2011 (I hear this a lot and I actually think it was the shittiest year in the history of mankind from oh so many points of view), I was grateful to rediscover flowers where dust laid on. I saw some of the best concerts in my life and traveled, and wrote new pieces of a novel, and met miraculous people, and loved.

For 2013, I have made up a list of resolutions in my head starting with last year, but for now I’d rather keep it in the privacy of my mind and add up various things on it as time goes by.

I can say however that I hope to eat a lot of avocados with butter and pepper, apple tart, fish, ice cream and pasta, because food is AMAZING and I am a  gourmand and the simple thought of feasting on a plate of anchovies with champagne makes my mouth watery. 

I also hope to learn how to ride a horse, because in a dream world, people would take horses to the club at night instead of cabs (like Bianca Jagger) and stroll on them to work (I REALLY ENVY THE POLICE PATROLS IN BUCHAREST); ride a bike and play tennis because it’s the only sport I would do without being bored.

I wish to read more books and see more films and get the chance to leave the country or the city more often so I can gather inspiration to turn into more captivating visual stories for you to see (and for potential magazines, you hear that, ALL HOLLOW, ELLE, HARPER’s BAZAAR, COCKAIGNE to hire me).

I wish you all a lightweight year and a lot of beauty of sorts to hang on to.



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