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I saw this trend on Facebook and blogs where people in the creative industry make tops and lists of their achievements at the end of the year. I was lazy busy enough to skip that in December but then I thought any time is a good time to brag in public count your blessings rather than no time.

Before I get this started I want to explain myself a bit, because in 2012 this blog has taken multiple directions and for a long time it was actually hard to focus on only one or two of them. Which isn’t half bad, when it gives you the chance to discover hidden places of your personality and deep ends of your possibilities.

Ruffles for Breakfast began in 2010 as my style diary. I would post outfits friends photographed me in in the city and post them here. I have to tell you it was boring as hell. So I changed turns and put a bit of life into this spiritless website by adding sketches and short notes from the novel(s) I was working at to the pictures, now themed.

This got me much more readers than fashion pictures ever did, and I was happy to see what a deal breaker writing is. I met many people through the blog. I got encouraged to write even when I had a shitty 1 year time of  writer’s block.

In the beggining of 2012 I styled the first editorial for a local brand, ZAZA Boutique. Collaborations with LaChatterie, BIPOLAR, Alina Ene and Coolta, Macramoi and other brands followed.

I basically tried to use the blog as a platform for aiding uprising young brands in fashion to get promoted.

This short campaign for SUBSET t-shirts is one of my dearest projects in 2012, because it speaks truly and authentically about the nature of things we love. It was also my first attempt to make a short movie. I still need to really learn Premiere pro.

Alexandra Diaconu and I did a couple of shoots for the pretty clothes at IDELIER. And there’s more where that came from, just wait for the surprise to land.

I was asked to write a column for the ALL HOLLOW blog. Seasoned with pictures of me. It had my name on it, which was fancy, but not motivating enough because as 2012 was reaching a start I realized I want to stop with the modelling and use any experience I gained in becoming a fashion stylist. And I did, and it’s the most challenging and practical experience I’ve had since I started to properly work in publishing and online. Ruffles for Breakfast will keep all the prose fragments but the fashion posts will be replaced in 2013 by editorial work. 

I ended the year at the DALLES GO Styling classes with Ovidiu Buta and a bunch of wonderful people I am really glad to have met. My colleagues are now chilling via Berlin Fashion Week while I am home writing this from the comfort of my bed. I raise my glass!

Since the 4th of January I’ve been getting busy with things of all sorts and got in that strange mood where a tiny time off leaves you feeling weird because you have FINALLY nothing to do. I think that’s happening when you’re a workaholic, no? I hope not.

As for me, myself and the other people who live in my brain, 2012 was an awfully changing year. 90% of my friends left the country to greener pastures. I miss them a lot, flights are expensive and that’s all I have to say about that. Places and people changed around and even if this was a HARDER year compared to 2011 (I hear this a lot and I actually think it was the shittiest year in the history of mankind from oh so many points of view), I was grateful to rediscover flowers where dust laid on. I saw some of the best concerts in my life and traveled, and wrote new pieces of a novel, and met miraculous people, and loved.

For 2013, I have made up a list of resolutions in my head starting with last year, but for now I’d rather keep it in the privacy of my mind and add up various things on it as time goes by.

I can say however that I hope to eat a lot of avocados with butter and pepper, apple tart, fish, ice cream and pasta, because food is AMAZING and I am a  gourmand and the simple thought of feasting on a plate of anchovies with champagne makes my mouth watery. 

I also hope to learn how to ride a horse, because in a dream world, people would take horses to the club at night instead of cabs (like Bianca Jagger) and stroll on them to work (I REALLY ENVY THE POLICE PATROLS IN BUCHAREST); ride a bike and play tennis because it’s the only sport I would do without being bored.

I wish to read more books and see more films and get the chance to leave the country or the city more often so I can gather inspiration to turn into more captivating visual stories for you to see (and for potential magazines, you hear that, ALL HOLLOW, ELLE, HARPER’s BAZAAR, COCKAIGNE to hire me).

I wish you all a lightweight year and a lot of beauty of sorts to hang on to.



New world currencies for old matters of the heart

You know how technology literally makes your life brighter, more colorful and filled with such harmonious lights that you might seem cut out from a vintage poster – well, of course you do, since you’re head over hands in open relationships with photo applications and such. I’m with the league that secretly empties a glass of champagne with a vain smile when Instagram crashes and nobody can show their breakfast in Diana F to the world. I didn’t really get the sense of vintagizing your dress, your shoes, your lunch and your face in the fitting rooms at Urban Outfitters, not until this girl Adela Coman om Nine Thirty-Seven poisoned my entire photo-wise integrity with her Marseille everyday life shot in Hipstamatic. She was basically so convincing that her facebook almost made me hop on a plane and have a sunbathe with her. Iphone make happy tourism much?

So, during this last runaway from all social responsibilities with many bottles of alcohol in my bag holiday, the virus got in my system and I decided to eat, drink and make evil funny looking faces in hipstamatic. For all the loving, the fucking and the shopping I will always have that darker  shade of real life.

Extrem de tare şi incredibil de departe sau doar jumătate de oră de mers lejer pe jos

Toată alienarea asta în mediul virtual e, de fapt, iminentă. Chiar astăzi, în timp ce ieşeam de la metrou şi zăpada îmi intra în ochi, în gură şi-n cafea, realizam cu brio că dacă ai un început-de-inimă-îndoită în ziua de azi, trebuie s-o ţii pentru tine, altfel te află tot Facebook-ul. Iar eu mă înnebunesc după cenzura pe emoţii de nu-mi văd capul.

Asta e, oricum, una din “zilele alea de marţi” care nu ţin cont de ordinea din calendar, scriam într-un mesaj câteva ore mai târziu. Cum ar zice Doru de la The Mono Jacks, ştii de la bun început că nu se termină bine decât cu o bere. Şi-atunci îţi spui că tot ce ţi-ai dori în momentul ăsta e extrem de tare şi incredibil de departe, la 2180 de kilometri sau doar jumătate de oră de mers lejer pe jos.


Photo Cătălin Olteanu

I’m your national anthem, God, you’re so handsome, take me to the Hamptons

1. Two British tourists were barred from entering America after joking on Twitter that they were going to ‘destroy America’ and ‘dig up Marilyn Monroe’. Does this mean if I post Thursday with Paris in flames before I fly to France they’re gonna deliver me back like a box of wrong sized shoes from Topshop?

2. Stop being so desperate about not fitting into your super skinny sized jeans from last year, you jerk! There are people out there who can’t fit in their underwear.

3. If you’re in a 24/7 relationship or even just fuck buddies and he doesn’t want to have sex with you then he’s totally not into you/screwing someone else/a complete asshole/has an intimacy issue

4. Nobody’s ugly via Facebook! It’s super puff perfection all over the place, like Photoshop dropped its jaw and let everyone in. NOBODY will post a real picture, unless they look like  an airbrushed supermodel or they don’t CARE – which totally means they’re on Facebook for no plausible, normal, mainstream reason – case closed. The REAL issue comes along when you let the world see your real looks, 150% different from your online profile pic. So please, if you think you can’t handle showing reality via online, just DON’T go out and expose everyone else to your 25 plus kilos, 25 minus inches, blackheads, belly or neanderthal voice. You’re welcome!

5. Always listen to Kanye West in public transportation if you want to appear self sufficient and totally look down on those ugly hat persons or persons with ugly hats, whatevs they are.

6. Regardless what happens with your relationships, always REMEMBER you’re amazing and beautiful and extremely smart and handsome and an awesome friend and that you can ALWAYS find ways to make yourself happy. Just start from down under if nothing else comes to mind. It actually works.

7. Something’s gonna happen to make your whole life better. Just make sure you’re in the present when it does. ♥


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Pierderea inocenţei e scrisă-n calendar

Vreau miros de copilărie şi alte imagini frumoase, candide, care te zburătăcesc. Baloane în buchete mari. Deconstructing tumblr. În ianuarie miroase a aprilie. La Vama Veche se împlinesc toate visele. Mă dor picioarele dar sunt fericită. Am făcut un an în agenţie. M-am oprit în faţa pomului de iarnă şi m-a podidit plânsul. Nu mai eşti copil când nu mai poţi să te bucuri de nimic. Poate ar trebui să ne amestecăm amintirile şi atunci o să ne înţelegem mai bine. Cine iubeşte şi lasă, vorbim noi disear-acasă. Nu mai simt nimic-nimic, şi tare aş vrea să dorm câteva luni. Toată viaţa mea a încăput în trei cutii. El mi-a furat morcovii şi m-a abandonat în staţie. Aş vrea să merg pe dig şi să fie vară, dar aici nu bate vântul şi nu mai e la fel, şi am făcut cearcăne, mama. Am învăţat multe anul ăsta, dar mai bine cred că o să mă duc să beau, e mai confortabil decât să îmi fac mizeriile alea de rezoluţii.

Facebook are timeline şi vede tot-tot, şi atunci când crezi că nu vede şi-ncerci să te ascunzi, ţi-arată, pe bucăţele, cine erai acum nu foarte puţine luni, nu foarte mulţi ani, când ţi-ai declarat viaţa aici, în învălmăşeala asta de etichete, cereri de prietenii, plăceri vinovate şi îmbrânceli. Ţi-arată cine erau şi amicii pe care nu i-ai întâlnit niciodată. La început e foarte amuzant, e o restrospectivă drăguţă, e ca atunci când foloseşti cuvântul “drăguţ” pe messenger şi e ca şi când îţi vine să vomiţi. Apoi te uiţi mâhnit la tine, la ei, la cine eraţi, râzi, că ce poţi să faci altceva, la trecut, ca prostul la sat, îţi spui că erai, că eraţi tineri, nepăsători, imaturi, gălăgioşi, simpli, tâmpiţi în seninătatea voastră de la început de viaţă, început de joburi, început de inimă. Cauţi motive generoase pentru starea ta curentă, îţi proslăveşti blazarea, cinismul e un lucru bun şi, mai ales, dobândit. E ca o primă de Crăciun pe timp de criză, e recompensa după ce te-ai tăvălit un an doi trei prin căcat şi te-ai simţit cel mai singur, netot, neom, neiubit dintre Pământeni. E lumina de la capătul Controlului. E înţelepciunea amară care te face acum inabordabil şi exigent în privinţa prietenilor, trupelor pe care le asculţi şi ciorapilor Paul Smith cărora le rupi eticheta dimineaţa pentru că ai văzut într-un film că e mai simplu să-ţi tot alimentezi stocul de şosete decât să le speli. Uneori te simţi bătrân, alteori te simţi fraier. Alteori, zburdă în tine un soi de fluture mare al dimineţii iubirii, pe care îl scoţi afară imediat cu o spălătură stomacala pe bază de shoturi. E totuşi, ceva periculos şi nesăbuit să te îndragosteşti acum. Ţi-ai pierde toată credibilitatea, te-ar podidi fricile, ar fi de neconceput. Postezi ceva pe facebook în legătura cu asta, pentru că ţi-ar fi plăcut, totuşi, să te mai îmbeţi din inocenţa aia pe care, dacă n-ar fi existat unealta asta socialistă socială care să-ţi amintească cum te-ai prostit cu înaintarea în vârstă, n-ai fi uitat, desigur, că o ai.

Photos: Das Sasha

The importance of small talk


1. “There’s nothing good about getting older-absolutely nothing-because the amount of wisdom and experience you gain is negligible compared to what you lose. You do gain a couple of things-you gain a little bittersweet and sour wisdom from your heartbreaks and failures and things-but what you lose is so catastrophic in every way” is what Woody Allen once said for Interview Magazine. The man is totally right. I mean, look at us.  We meet people. We get involved, we fall in love. Then we fall out or apart and carry on looking for something or someone else. Sometimes with free will, some other times as requested by events. And the worst part is, we don’t ever get better. We are scarred for life, from every romantic mishap or life punch. We get all dramatic and shit because society always points its finger on single people calling them failures, BUT we ARE afraid to get close to anyone, and anyone is not getting any closer to use either cause we’re sending the wrong signal, I guess.

2. Always make small talk to your friends over coffee, a drink, phone or even YM at 1 am on Monday morning. Not only it clears your head but also brings out such modern words of wisdom you couldn’t positively think of when alone rubbing mint on the Internet.

3. I’m still guessing why can’t we just be with a person we like. Why do you guys have to treat us like idiots? Is it asking too much if we, girls, in modern day, would like not to be called bitches/stupid/jerks/whores/trainwrecks? If we’d like you to hold the door for us? Ask us about our day? Make us breakfast? How ’bout use protection in bed, you f’cking retards! Jeez. Well this really makes me wanna quit on life.

4. Whenever you feel hungover, hungry, in the mood for love, sex and Bob Dylan at the same time, just don’t go watching any depressing movie from the 50s like “A streetcar named desire” that would bum your head even more. Just….go take a shower, love yourself, call a friend or eat some toast. Please.

5. When 100 people who don’t know you from anywhere else than fb are TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY interested in your private life, you should just, well…ban them?

6. Never give up on what you call your dreams, aspirations, life plans and goals. They’re part of what YOU represent as an individual. Do not get fooled into expecting less and less with time, just to please others. It’s never a bad thing to want more. It’s not unrealistic to deserve. Get your hopes up and pack for a better self, life and expectations. It’s okay to feel low.


There’s nothing good about getting older-absolutely nothing-because the amount of wisdom and experience you gain is negligible compared to what you lose. You do gain a couple of things-you gain a little bittersweet and sour wisdom from your heartbreaks and failures and things-but what you lose is so catastrophic in every way.—Woody Allen

Modern words of wisdom # 5 (revised)

1. I never got to the very point of poking people on Facebook. Someone please explain to me what in the name of Mark Zuckerberg poking makes you aquire! Sheesh..

2. Bruises are so not cool this year. Ballet on ice neither. So go buy some water/snow/ice proof super resistant boots that don’t make you trip and sweep all over the street on ICE. I got a bloody bruise last night and it S-U-C-K-S.

2. I’m so sick and tired of MNAC, communist evocative exhibitions, The Golden Age of Communism, Critian Mungiu and Romanian motion pictures with such recurrent themes that never, ever cease to make us throw up! I mean, there are OTHER THINGS out there, people, to get inspired. But they’re like..”Nooo, we’ll just play the old rape/prostitution/abortion – all communist or post-communist card..Maybe we’ll also make a stupid movie about a guy and his mates who..reunite on holiday, make jokes only they understand and get laid with a hooker (although he’s MARRIED)..And yes, let’s not forget to expose AS MUCH NUDITY as possible..in the first 2 minutes of film..so that nobody will for sure leave the theater. You know, it’s so cliche but they don’t know that in Cannes”…Seriously?!

4. A love story is a relationship. A relationship is not necessarily though, a love story. Keep that in mind for your own good.

5. NEVER underestimate the power of black leather pants. But only REAL DEAL leather pants, not some echo/pu sorta leggings that shred after a few weeks. No-no-no! The leather pants are THE sexiest thing that came from the sixties

6. The best and ONLY way to overcome a nightmare is to WAKE UP! Snap out of that fucked up relationship, look up to yourself, be good to those who deserve it and stop wasting your energy on useless, pointless situations and people. Love yourself, please!

7. Love does not last for 3 years, or 10 or 100, dear Frederic Beigbeder. Real love, consuming and hungry and wild and tender, lasts beyond the boundaries of a relationship. It breaks hearts, bad habits and it restaurates lifestyle. That’s when it grows into a better, bigger, more generous love. The only real issue with this deal is the persistence of memories.

8. Maybe people walking in and out of our lives is like thunders crushing ice. It’s good, and fresh and it pulls blood back to the arteries. Like a cold shower under New Moon. If you honestly let go, and they honestly come back, be a keeper.

pic weheartit