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How to shoot a royalty in 10 easy steps

I took the time to pick some making of shots from the weekend I embodied ANNA de Noailles for Alexandra Vacaroiu and her great photographer talent. Since these could not fit in the pictorial but were also too good to waste, I decided to make a selection and post it here. For the pictorial, jump here.

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Also, listen to this amazing tune my friend Felix found tonight:



French aristocrat poet with Romanian origins Comtesse Anna de Noailles has been the most prominent of my recent musings. She wrote three novels, an autobiography, and a number of poems. At the beginning of the 20th century, her salon on the Avenue Hoche attracted the intellectual, literary and artistic elite of the day including Francis Jammes, Paul Claudel, Colette, André Gide, Frédéric Mistral, Robert de Montesquiou-Fezensac, Paul Valéry, Jean Cocteau, Alphonse Daudet, Pierre Loti, Paul Hervieu, and Max Jacob. Although she was not so remembered in our country for her poetry and autobiographic work, De Noailles seduced the French with her quirky charm and blunt eroticism, also portrayed by many artists of the age. Her lyrics speak of lustful desire, like a drug for the heart.

Based on this heartsnatcher’s story, this is the first RUFFLES FOR BREAKFAST pictorial (well not the first, but the first I’m proud of) and my first “serious” work as a stylist. We tried to embody this free spirited artist’s feminine savageness and to make her walk in modern, yet seasoned by her taste, shoes.

The artist behind the camera was the very talented ALEXANDRA VACAROIU.

And the shoot took place with the help of the guys from CAROL 53.

*Title inspired by book with the same name by Jennie Fields.


First mini


I’m sorry for my lack of posting. I don’t know what to say about it except that I’m in a merely strange place right now with my life and that kept me away from the computer. But I will be back very soon, as soon as boyfriend and I find some time to make some decent photoshoot. Ok – enough rants. This is a simple outfit we shot about two weeks ago while still sunny and that is my very first mini skirt which I bought some time ago from ZARA kids but never got to wear.Tomorrow is another day, so, see you tomorrow : -)

Mini skirt – Zara Kids / Boots – H&M / Stockings – AA & Oysho / Watches – vintage

Red hair and over the knee boots

Pictures from November ’10, cold cold day and hot hot chocolate to go. I layered a ZARA sweater zipper mini with a sheer bow navy blouse and my faux leather jacket from H&M.The zippery shawl is from Stradivarius. I have a very good one for tomorrow so be seated!

Autumn song

‘Cause it’s not really winter, is it? I took out my best Sunday dress (the one I call *instantly lose 10 pounds dress* for a shoot and I paired it with a fur collar that I recently used also as a headband (creativity for less, huh). The stoney ring is the first one to replace the oh-so-irreplaceable lost couple and I’m very much in love with it.

Bodycon dress –  Zara, Coat – ASOS, Boots – H&M, Rings Vintage Mireille & Monsoon/Accessorize.


Jumpin jumpsuit

August in Vienna, the heat.

I’m wearing a navy jumpsuit and shoe boots from Zara which I secretly changed into in the basement store of Julius Meinl in order to surprise my boyfriend lol. Those are actually super comfy although they might not seem, so walking on paved streets was OK. I’ll be updating with all these outfit pictures that I haven’t got to post yet.

Happy Saint Nicholas and I hope you got lovely presents. Mine were white chocolate and some tulips. Love, me.

Summer in the city

We took these photos back in May but I never got to publish them since they got lost on some hard disk..

I’m wearing my ex-long dark hair, thrifted shorts, a Pascale Hugentobler bag and See by Chloe chemise. The ring is, as you’ve heard, no longer with us. RIP