Games we play, lessons we learn

1. S(w)ing when you’re winning is what Robbie Williams used to say in his songs circa 1999. Life is a game. You win some, you lose some, they say, and for that matter, most of losses are wins too.

2. The writer’s condition is inextricable. You want to be published, you long to touch someone, to deliver your allegiance of fate to whomever is out there. Then, when the show is done, you realize nothing can save you, not even writing. Sorry Buk.

3. Being honest, and honest as an artist can bring you a lot of trouble. Like alienating friends, pushing people away, giving way to a lot of paranoia. Something you’ve written can turn tables every moment of your life because today’s general perception is so much oriented towards the author’s own life and its translation in art through writing, and not towards the manuscript. I see this all the time.  I’m not gonna say – okay, I can write anything, don’t take me so serious ’cause it’s not real. It’s fucking real, but once reality took its toll, it’s just a good or bad piece of writing. Meant for people to read and connect with it. Made for others to criticize or enjoy.  And people who truly know you should never be affected by what we still call today postmodern fiction.

4. Any torture chamber is better than the chamber of your own mind.

5. Remember, every woman dressed as a playboy bunny or a sexy nurse once dreamed of being a Disney princess.

6. If you have a hard time letting go of a painful moment in your life, pour yourself a class of champagne and sort it out with your own mind. Or just engage yourself in fun. And win.

games we play

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